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Tea with mum

Hasn't it been the most glorious week?  I have finally managed to get all my washing dry on the clothes line without it first being drenched by rain and then having to re-wash it for the same thing to happen. I have also managed to sit in the garden of an evening, listening to the gentle hum of the bees, watching them waltz and bop along the blooms that are coming into fruition. I do love this time of year, although my poor pale skin cannot say the same.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying with my mother in Dorset. As she is a landscape gardener she was keen to show me her new pots and flower beds. You could almost sense the buzz and excitement that is about to explode in the garden within the next few weeks. As we were sat in the garden with our cups of tea, I couldn't help but grin at the colourful beauties that were gracing the garden - most of which I recognised from our catalogue of plants here at Hayloft. 

Down in the depths of the shady part of the garden were 3 …

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