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I have really felt the cold over the past few days - I hate to admit it but I did have to set the timer on the central heating for this morning, otherwise I fear I would never have got out of bed. I already find it hard enough to be up and awake so early in the mornings. I have also been suffering with a bizarre ear ache and blocked nose which probably hasn't helped matters.

The weather is definitely on the change - I am still wearing sandals, although I think I may have to hunt out the boots, especially if I am to shift this weird bug that I seem to have caught. I guess it has come to that time of year when bugs are becoming more prevalent and I will permanently have a box of tissues on the coffee table. Oh the joys!

Some of us may be feeling a little down in the dumps about autumnal gusts and gales - I hope to turn that frown upside down if I may?

It is always possible to invoke colour throughout the year in our gardens. If it is not only the colourful bloom tones, shapes and t…

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