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Frost & Fireworks

Earlier this week I posted about the frost that had appeared in Worcestershire. Many of you had already been greeted by Jack Frost himself in previous days and weeks. It was a reminder to me that November had indeed arrived. It only seemed moments ago that I was playing cricket on the beach in Devon. 

I particularly love November (not just because it is my birthday month - Yippee) but because of all the exciting events that take place. 
It all begins on bonfire night (one of my favourite nights of the year!) As a self-confessed history nerd, I was gripped by the BBC 1 drama Gunpowder which triggered me to host a firework party with some friends - sparklers, mulled wine, the fire pit and a big pot of chilli seemed the perfect pre-requisite to an evening at the local firework display.

November is also the beginning of Christmas preparations (for some). After being criticised by my family about my drastic decline of organisational skill, I decided to prove them all wrong by purchasing and w…

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