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Bringing Eden Home

We all love the outdoors! Who doesn't?!

This makes it all the more disheartening when people say to me that they are lacking in outdoor space, with some not having any outdoor space whatsoever!

It saddens me and I wish there was something I could do to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy an expanse of lawn, a large patio area or a sweeping flower bed and border (not that I possess such a thing but at least I have a little postage stamp of space which I am grateful for!)

There is a trending theme at the moment, focused on bringing the outdoors, in. This isn't just targeted to people with limited outdoor space either. Just recently, floral patterns and foliage prints have been at the forefront of interior design too. Wallpaper patterns based on leaf shapes, voluptuously sized blooms, fruits, berries or woodland settings are increasingly appealing, combined with matching accessories comprising of cushion covers, throws, ornaments and framed prints.

Trends will always mov…

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