Here comes the summer sun...

I am always a little too apprehensive about forthcoming events and seasons (as some of you may have gathered) and this week is no exception. I hope that some of you have been surprised by a little gift on your doorstep in the form of our brand new Summer Catalogue.

A vibrant front cover with a striking and exquisite bloom will astound you from the first glimpse and continue to do so on your coffee table. If you don't yet have a copy, I urge you to order your free catalogue online now.

This has to be the brightest, boldest and most daring summer catalogue yet with some of the finest blooms on offer in the world. If you don't believe me, keep reading as I will be highlighting some of my favourite blooms for 2017:

It was an immense struggle to pick out just a handful of favourites from this years catalogue as there are so many exquisite varieties to choose from.

Top left: Phyteuma Scheuchzeri : Divine blue petals develop into spike-like domes, closely resembling a medieval battle-axe. Do not be fooled by its menacing appearance, these astonishing blooms are harmless, creating a buzz of interest not only from their unique flower shape but by the evergreen foliage, intended to create desired year-long interest.

Top centre: Nigella papillosa Delft Blue : Enthusiastic and electrifying blooms of intense shades of blue white and green, flower in abundance all summer long. Contrary to their bold appearance, the petals are dainty and paper-like, attracting an array of bees and butterflies. 

Top right: Antirrhinum Black Prince: A sumptuous and unique bloom shape that oozes luxuriance and wealth in a regal shade of red with soft velvety blooms that perch majestically upon bronze foliage. A must have bloom for royalty. 

Second row, left: Mina Lobata: A glorious climbing plant radiates warming tones of yellow, orange and red to create an exotic haven of colour throughout the summer and long in autumn. These flowers form like mini lanterns that glow radiantly against slender dark red stems. 

Second row, centre: Clematis florida var. florida sieboldiana:  The most gorgeous and breathtaking specimen to beautify unsightly features. Alternatively, let them weave their way through companion plants and shrubs to create a patchwork effect of colour. 

Second row, right: Delosperma Jewel of the Desert: A thick carpet of succulent foliage are topped with a mass of neon-coloured flowers to bring vibrancy to lonesome crevices within your garden. 

Bottom left: Cherry Pie CollectionRippling blooms will release the most overpowering and alluring aroma, closely resembling freshly baked cherry pies. What could be better during the height of summer?  

Bottom Centre: Zinnia elegans Gulliver Lime: Double blooms of lime green make a fantastic centre piece amongst colourful companion plants. They will also make great cut flowers for within the home which is an added bonus! 

Bottom Right: Echinops Bannaticus Blue GlowSpiky ball-shaped blooms perch atop thick, silvery stems, creating a unique luminous effect with electric blue petals flecked with feathery pale blue-white tips.


These are only a handful of the marvellous blooms on offer this year and if this has tempted you, request your catalogue now! 

I am looking forward to seeing your gardens take shape over the next few weeks and months and I hope I can transform my own into a sanctuary of colour and fragrance.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hear that we are due sunshine!


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